Dignity Always

#GetLoud for Dignity Always

Seeking help can be scary. Will it change how people treat me? Will it change how I feel about myself? Will I lose my right to make decisions about my own care?

For some, seeking help for a mental illness or substance use problem can seem more challenging than the illness itself – but it shouldn't be.

We need to end discriminatory practices in health care. People who seek care for a mental illness should be considered capable of making decisions about their treatment and afforded the right to exercise control and choice, unless proven otherwise.

People who have experience with mental health and substance use services should be given the opportunity to be involved in decisions concerning treatment, the delivery of services, and the design of our system of care. The voices of people with lived experience must be heard, valued, and acted upon.

Everyone has the right to be treated with dignity, compassion and respect, in care and in community.

Join CMHA BC in calling for change in the way we treat people:

  • Maximizing control and choice in treatment for mental illness and substance use
  • Implementing trauma-informed and culturally safe models of care
  • Addressing stigma and discrimination in care and in community
Dignity Always
Dignity Always
It's time we value mental health and addiction equally to physical health. Sign the @cmhabc #b4stage4 manifesto: