Foundations for Wellness

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When going through a challenging time, often it's the things we need most that are the first to feel out of reach - eating well, doing things we enjoy and connecting with others. This can impact our quality of life and mental health. 

It's even harder for those who are facing the stress of poverty or who feel isolated from their community.

Right now, 16% of British Columbians live below the poverty line.[1] People across the province are impacted by high housing costs, insufficient wages, and health and social service shortages.[2] Those who live in poverty face an increased risk of experiencing stress and trauma, which is strongly tied to mental illness and problematic substance use.

Supporting mental health is about more than health care or self-care. It’s about making sure people have the essentials they need to be well like reliable income, housing, and community support.

Everyone has a right to the basic necessities of life.

Join CMHA BC in calling on a province that fosters wellness and recovery through:

  • Investment in reducing poverty in BC
  • Increased access to quality social services such as subsidized or supported housing, income assistance and low-barrier employment supports
  • Programs and policies that support equity and foster social inclusion



[1] Statistics Canada. Table F-18. Family Data. CANSIM Table 111-0015

[2] Government of British Columbia (2018). What We Heard About Poverty in B.C

Foundations for Wellness
Foundations for Wellness
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