Life with a Mood Disorder during Covid-19

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Most people were able to live a relatively free life not too long ago: daily living, work, school, regular routines and socializing without restrictions. All of this has now drastically changed in a way people have never experienced before.

The Covid-19 pandemic is affecting the world and our lives have to adapt to the new normal way of being.

Importance of having a daily routine:

The simple act of having a daily routine can bring stability and a sense of control in a world where there is little control at the moment.

I generally have a plan for the coming day about what I am going to do. It usually consists of a morning walk, time on my computer, watching tv and talking with friends and family near and far.  I try to plan on organizing my place as well. Lately, I have been having phone and Skype appointments with my doctors each week. This brings me support in an unstable world. Both of my doctors have told me that I am coping much better than many of their other patients. I was happy when I heard this, but wonder how long I can go without feeling overwhelmed about what is happening in our world. I think there is anxiety in our lives right now, which can vary in intensity from person to person.

For people living with a mood disorder, life is often a challenge, especially when we are experiencing an episode. It has been said that we are at risk for an episode when under stress. We are living in challenging, stressful times and it’s important to stay connected and engaged with people and our environment in any way we can. This can be harder when we are not feeling well, but more than ever this is a time to reach out to the supportive people in our lives, whether that be personal or professional. It is definitely okay to reach out to others, especially during this time of uncertainty. Such contact and communication can ground us as we live each day within a world in crisis.

Ideas to promote balance in one’s life can include:

  • Hobbies or activities you enjoy. Take this time as an opportunity to explore and participate in things that you enjoy, but haven’t had the time to do because of your busy schedules and life in general.
  • Make connections with others by phone, video calls, email, etc. You may consider setting up times to do this before the day to have something to look forward to or allow this type of contact to occur spontaneously. This can boost our spirits if we are feeling stressed by what is happening in the world.
  • Physical exercise, generally recommended to enhance both our physical and mental health. A simple walk around the neighbourhood can be very beneficial for a person.






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Life with a Mood Disorder during Covid-19
Life with a Mood Disorder during Covid-19
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